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For an ongoing guerrilla art project called Goldenroach Hungarian designer and visual artist Miklós Kiss, aka kissmiklos, has been smuggling 14-carat gold-plated bronze cockroaches into museums across Europe, making them part of the. Since 2011 Kiss has secretly placed his roaches inside the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, the British Museum, MUMOK, Hamburger Bahnhof, Centre Pompidou and the Louvre. In addition to sneaking his golden roaches into the galleries themselves, he also places the matching Goldenroach souvenir postcards into the museum gift shops.

On March 25, 2014 Kiss traveled to the US and successfully placed his roaches inside the Museum of Modern Art in New York. That same month the Goldenroach project went from guerrilla art to featured exhibition, entitled Goldenroach Unlimited, at the M0 project space of the Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle in Budapest. There Kiss exhibited a massive assembly of 12,000 plastic Goldenroaches along with one 14-carat gold roach hidden among the the plastic horde. Visitor were even invited to take one plastic Goldenroach home with them.

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"I use the name “gazing bowls” because the word gaze is often indicative of wonder, fascination and awe. Like a rescinding tide or desert after a rain storm, when the bowls are filled with water the color and patterns change. When I look into these bowls I feel as if they transform before my eyes, like staring at the ocean or the sky after a storm. These bowls can serve many purposes; resonant healing objects, meditation, a vessel for your favorite treasures or eye candy. My son loves to use them for our ever-expanding cabinet of curiosities." — Riley Salyards

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Icelandic graphic designer and illustrator Stella Björg created this awesome typeface illustration project entitled There Be Monsters. Inspired by medieval maps that featured fantastical sea creatures, each character is made of fearsome sea monsters, fantastic sea creatures, unfortunate sailors and their ships and, of course, tempestuous waves.

Click here to view more of this extraordinary alphabet.

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Mushroom King 🍄 #mushroom #illustration #king #drawing #ink #moleskine #sunday #ottawa #elf #fairy #sprite


Mushroom King 🍄 #mushroom #illustration #king #drawing #ink #moleskine #sunday #ottawa #elf #fairy #sprite


Instructables editor Mikeasaurus came up with an awesome Head In A Jar Prank that’s perfect for April Fools’ Day, Halloween or, you know, just to liven things up in your kitchen or breakroom.

All you need is photo editing software, a large jar, food coloring, a printer and access to lamination services (such as your local print/copy shop.)

Using a photo editor, two pictures are blended together to create flat image of a head, which is then laminated and submerged in a jar. When the flattened image in inserted into the curved jar, along with the distortion from the water, gives the illusion of a decapitated head in a jar of preserving fluid.

Click here for complete step-by-step instructions. (If you don’t feel like editing your own photo, Mikeasaurus also made his own altered photo available for download.)

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For an installation series entitled Tetris Norwegian artist Michael Johansson plays real-life Tetris with ordinary household objects and furniture, and sometimes even larger pieces such as cars, trailers and shipping containers. Look closely, Johansson doesn’t just stack each group of objects into a confined space, he often stacks them in the shape (and sometimes even the color) of Tetris blocks.

Click here for additional photos.

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Spiced Mushroom Cookies


All 11 of the Studio Ghibli embroidery hoops I’ve made over the years.
Hard to choose a favorite but they sure look nice all together.  Always taking custom orders for hoops. <3 :)